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Wahl Wahl {f}
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Wahl (n) [process or act of selecting] {f} selection (n) [process or act of selecting]
Wahl {f} Election
Wahl {f} ballot
Wahl (n) [Akt] {f} choice (n) [Akt]
Wahl (n) {f} selection (n)
Wahl (n) {f} choice (n)
Wahl (n) [Politik] {f} election (n) [Politik]
Wahl (n) {f} election (n)
Wahl (n) {f} adoption (n)
Wahl (n) [eine Qualitätsstufe] {f} quality (n) [eine Qualitätsstufe]
Wahl (n) [Politik] {f} voting (n) [Politik]
Wahl (n) [allgemein] {f} voting by call (n) [allgemein]
Wahl (n) [Politik] {f} poll (n) [Politik]
Wahl (n) [allgemein] {f} option (n) [allgemein]
Wahl (n) [Politik] {f} selection by vote (n) [Politik]
Wahl (n) [Politik] {f} polls (n) [Politik]
Wahl (n) [Politik] {f} polling (n) [Politik]
Wahl (n) [allgemein] {f} poll (n) [allgemein]

German English translations

DE Synonyms for wahl EN Translations
Wahlgang [Entscheidung] Tower
Bestimmung [Wahl] (n) {f} intention
Mittel [Hoffnung] (n) {n} agent
Wahl [Auswahl] (n) {f} voting by call
Rettung [Hoffnung] (n) {f} rescue
Auslese [Auswahl] (n) (f) selection
Lösung [Hoffnung] (n) {f} answer
Möglichkeit [Hoffnung] (n) {f} chance
Stimme [Abstimmung] (n) {f} voice
Vorschlag [Hoffnung] (n) {m} suggestion
Urteil [Abstimmung] (n) {n} conclusion
Ausweg [Hoffnung] (n) {m} resource
Votum [Abstimmung] (n) {n} say
Abstimmung [Parlamentswahl] (n) {f} voting by call
Bundestagswahl [Parlamentswahl] (n) {f} Bundestag elections
Alternative [Entscheiden] (n) {f} alternative
Krise [Entscheiden] (n) {f} conjuncture (formal)
Absicht [Wille] (n) {f} intention
Ansicht [Einschätzung] (n) {f} section
Anliegen [Wille] (n) (n) request