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fragile (a) [articles] fragile (a) [articles]
EN Synonyms for fragile IT Translations
ticklish [weak] (a) difficile
unhealthy [weak] (a) malaticcio
squeamish [weak] (a) sensibile
fault [weak] (v) errore {m}
makeshift [thin and weak] (v) soluzione provvisoria {f}
wobbly [thin and weak] (a) traballante
soft [quality] (a) fine {f}
supple [quality] (a) flessibile
tender [characteristic] (v) offerta {f}
insubstantial [flimsy] (a) inconsistente
frail [delicate] (a) debole {m}
drooping [property] (a) in calo
frangible [flimsy] (a) friabile
thin [delicate] (a) magro
faltering [property] (a) vacillante
infirm [flimsy] (a) invalido {m}
languid [property] (a) fiacco
unsound [flimsy] (a) malato {m}
faint [property] (v) svenimento {m}
ethereal [delicate] (a) etereo
IT Italian EN English
fragile (a) [materia] brittle (a) [materia]
fragile (a) [oggetti] brittle (a) [oggetti]
fragile (a) [oggetti] delicate (a) [oggetti]
fragile (a) [oggetti] friable (a) [oggetti]
fragile (a) [materia] flimsy (a) [materia]
fragile (a) [condizione fisica] weak (a) [condizione fisica]
fragile (a) [articoli] breakable (a) [articoli]
fragile (a) [articoli] frail (a) [articoli]
fragile (a) [condizione fisica] frail (a) [condizione fisica]
fragile (a) [articoli] fragile (a) [articoli]
IT Synonyms for fragile EN Translations
debole [delicato] (a) {m} faint
tenue [delicato] (a) thin
inconsistente [caduco] (a) inconsistent
fine [sottile] (a) {f} very fine
esiguo [sottile] (a) exiguous
esile [sottile] (a) thin
leggero [sottile] (a) gentle
friabile [fragile] (a) brittle
piccolo [sottile] (a) {m} small
frangibile [fragile] (a) friable
lieve [sottile] (a) gentle
fino [sottile] (a) fine
volubile [suggestionabile] (a) volatile
instabile [suggestionabile] (a) desultory
molle [debole] (a) {f} soft
sottile [esile] (a) very fine
diafano [debole] (a) diaphanous
transitorio [caduco] (a) impermanent
fuggevole [caduco] (a) fleeting
effimero [caduco] (a) ephemeral