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EN English IT Italian
left (a) [direction] a sinistra (a) [direction]
left (o) [direction] a sinistra (o) [direction]
left (n) [direction] sinistra (n) {f} [direction]
left (a) [direction] sinistro (a) [direction]
left (o) [remaining] rimanente (o) {m} [remaining]
EN English IT Italian
left (o) [remaining] d'avanzo (o) [remaining]
left (o) [remaining] che resta (o) [remaining]
left sinistro
EN Synonyms for left IT Translations
port [position] (n) babordo {m}
near [position] (a) prossimo
remaining [quantity] (a) residuo {m}
extra [quantity] (a) addizionale
over [quantity] (o) su
continuing [quantity] (a) continuo
rest [quantity] (n) sostegno {m}
gone [movement] andato
departed [movement] (a) deceduto
split [movement] (n) rottura {f}
radical [politics] (a) estremo {m}
left-wing [politics] (a) di sinistra
liberal [politics] (a) liberale {m}
progressive [politics] (a) graduale
revolutionary [politics] (a) rivoluzionario {m}
abandoned [deserted] (a) abbandonato
crane [ropes and pulleys] (n) gru {f}
derrick [ropes and pulleys] (n) torre di trivellazione {f}
tackle [ropes and pulleys] (v) attaccare
forlorn [deserted] (a) disperato