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kindle aan die brand steek
EN Synonyms for kindle AF Translations
stir up [excite] concitare
urge [excite] premura {f}
titillate [excite] solleticare
provoke [excite] sfidare
incite [excite] eccitare
stimulate [excite] (formal stimulare (v)
arouse [excite] (formal concitare
burn [activity] bruciare
bake [activity] cuòcere
ignite [activity] infiammarsi
light [activity] frivolo
inflame [activity] infiammare
kiln [activity] forno {m}
fire [activity] (informal stufa
rouse [stimulate] montare
animate [stimulate] esilarare
awaken [stimulate] svegliare
set fire to [ignite] appiccare fuoco a
rally [stir] ripresa {f}
whet [stir] (formal affilatura