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quote aanhaal
EN Synonyms for quote AF Translations
allude to [refer to a source] (formal anspel
excerpt [refer to a source] utdrag {n}
mention [refer to a source] omtala
point out [refer to a source] utpeka
enumerate [refer to a source] räkna upp
cite [refer to a source] instämma
select [extract] utvälja
cull [extract] plocka
enforce [resort to] tvinga fram
implement [resort to] införa
appeal to [resort to] åberopa sig på
bid [resort to] bjöd
effect [resort to] effekt (u)
refer to [resort to] åberopa
invoke [resort to] åkalla
evaluate [language] utvärdera
review [language] tidskrift (u)
recite [language] uppläsa
price [language] pris {n}
rate [language] värde {n}