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alternative (adj n) [Relating to a choice] алтернативен (adj n) [Relating to a choice] (adj n)
EN Synonyms for alternative BG Translations
selection [pick] sélection {f}
preference [pick] priorité {f}
choice [pick] choix {m}
alternate [pick] alterné
course [option] parcourir
discretion [option] discrétion {f}
election [choice] élection {f}
opportunity [choice] facilité {f}
option [choice] choix {m}
chance [recourse] chance {f}
hope [recourse] espoir {m}
expedient [recourse] utile
device [recourse] artifice {m}
resource [recourse] ressources {f}
source [recourse] source {f}
resort [recourse] resort (n v)
acceptance [proposal] acceptation {f}
choosing [proposal] sélection {f}
decision [proposal] décision {f}
makeshift [substitute] solution de fortune {f}