Danish English
Fred Astaire Fred Astaire
Fred Brooks Fred Brooks
Fred Hoyle Fred Hoyle
Fred Thompson Fred Thompson
fredag Friday
Freddie Got Fingered Freddy Got Fingered
Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
Freddy Krueger Freddy Krueger
fredelig amicable
Freden i Brömsebro Treaty of Brömsebro
Freden i Frederiksborg Treaty of Frederiksborg
Freden i Kiel Treaty of Kiel
Freden i Knäred Treaty of Knäred
Freden i Lübeck Treaty of Lübeck
Freden i Nystad Treaty of Nystad
Freden i Roskilde Treaty of Roskilde
Freden i Stettin Treaty of Stettin
Freden i Wien Treaty of Vienna
Fredensborg Kommune Fredensborg municipality
Fredensborg Slot Fredensborg Palace
Fredensborg-Humlebæk Kommune Fredensborg-Humlebæk
Fredericia Fredericia
Fredericia Kommune Fredericia municipality
Frederick Winslow Taylor Frederick Winslow Taylor
Frederik Frederick
Frederik Barbarossa Frederick I
Frederik den smukke Frederick I of Austria
Frederik den Store af Preussen Frederick II of Prussia
Frederik Karl af Hessen Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse
Frederik Pohl Frederik Pohl
Frederik von And Fergus McDuck
Frederik Willem de Klerk Frederik Willem de Klerk
Frederikke Frederica
Frederiks Hospital Frederiks Hospital
Frederiksberg Kommune Frederiksberg
Frederiksberg Slot Frederiksberg Palace
Frederiksberg Station Frederiksberg station
Frederiksborg Amt Frederiksborg County