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according to(n) lt.(n)
according to(o)[person] laut(o)[person]
according to(o)[text] laut(o)[text]
according to(o)[text] wie hervorgeht aus(o)[text]
according to(n) wonach(n)
according to zufolge
according to(a) zufolge(a)
according to(prep)[based on statement] zufolge(prep)[based on statement]
according to lt.
according to(prep)[based on statement] laut(prep)[based on statement]
according to nach Maßgabe
according to +Dat.}
according to ausweislich {prp
according to zufolge {prp
according to gemäss
according to ... entsprechend
according to ... gemäß
according to(o)[correlation] im Verhältnis zu(o)[correlation]
according to(o) laut(o)
according to(o)[correlation] je nach(o)[correlation]
according to(o)[general] in Übereinstimmung mit(o)[general]
according to(o)[correlation] in Übereinstimmung mit(o)[correlation]
according to(o)[conjunction] in Übereinstimmung mit(o)[conjunction]
according to(o)[general] gemäß ...(o)[general]
according to(o)[person] nach(o)[person]
according to(o)[conjunction] nach(o)[conjunction]
according to(prep)[based on statement] nach(prep)[based on statement]
according to(o)[general] je nachdem wie(o)[general]
according to(o)[text] gemäß(o)[text]
according to(o)[conjunction] gemäß(o)[conjunction]
according to(prep)[based on statement] gemäß(prep)[based on statement]
according to(o) gemäß(o)
according to entsprechend

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ENDETranslations for to

to(n) sogar(n)
to(o)[general] im Vergleich zu(o)[general]
to(n) zu(n)
to(o)[causing] zu(o)[causing]
to(o)[direction] zu(o)[direction]
to(o)[general] zu(o)[general]
to(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at] zu(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at]
to nach
to(o)[destination] nach(o)[destination]
to(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at] nach(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at]