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ENDETranslations for an

an(conj n prep)[if; so long as] so(conj n prep)[if; so long as]
an(n) ein(n)
an(o)[indefinite article] ein(o)[indefinite article]
an(o)[indefinite article] eine(o)[indefinite article]
an eine (eines, einer
an einen, eine, ein)
an eine

ENDETranslations for example

example(n) Beispiel(n){n}
example(n)[fact] Beispiel(n){n}[fact]
example(n)[perfect example] Beispiel(n){n}[perfect example]
example(n)[perfect example] Modell(n){n}[perfect example]
example(n)[perfect example] Vorbild(n){n}[perfect example]
example(n)[general] Illustration(n){f}[general]
example(n)[general] Veranschaulichung(n){f}[general]
example Stück{n}
example(n)[fact] Fall(n){m}[fact]
example(n) Muster(n){n}

ENDETranslations for from

from vor
from(n) von(n)
from(o)[origin] von(o)[origin]
from(o)[place] von(o)[place]
from(o)[time] von(o)[time]
from(prep)[with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at] von(prep)[with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at]
from(n) aus(n)
from(o)[place] aus(o)[place]
from(o)[time] aus(o)[time]
from(o)[origin] stammend von(o)[origin]

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