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as regards(o)[about] betreffend(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] betreffs(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] bezüglich(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] hinsichtlich(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] in Anbetracht(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] in Bezug auf(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] über(o)[about]
as regards was anbetrifft

ENDETranslations for as

as ebenso
as(v) als(v)
as(o)[in the same way as] als(o)[in the same way as]
as(o)[reason] da(o)[reason]
as(o)[reason] da einmal(o)[reason]
as(o)[reason] denn(o)[reason]
as(o)[comparison] genauso wie(o)[comparison]
as(o)[comparison] genau wie(o)[comparison]
as(o)[correlation] in dem Maße wie(o)[correlation]
as(o)[correlation] je nachdem wie(o)[correlation]

ENDETranslations for regards

ENSynonyms for as regardsDETranslations
concerning[regarding]sich beziehen auf
as far as[concerning]bis
taking into account[in view of]mitzählend
considering[in view of]unter Berücksichtigung
in consideration of[in view of]unter Berücksichtigung von
because of[in view of]infolge von
inasmuch as[to the extent that]weil
because[in consideration of]dieweil
in view of[in consideration of]im Hinblick auf