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best man (n) Trauzeuge (n) {m}
best man (n) [primary attendant to the groom] Trauzeuge (n) {m} [primary attendant to the groom]
best man (n) [wedding - man] Trauzeuge (n) {m} [wedding - man]

EN DE Translations for best

best (a) [degree] allerbeste (a) [degree]
best (a) [degree] beste (a) [degree]
best (n v) [effort] Bestes (n v) [effort] (n v)

EN DE Translations for man

to man (v) [ship] besetzen (v) [ship]
to man (v) [ship] bemannen (v) [ship]
to man (v) [spacecraft] bemannen (v) [spacecraft]
man (n) [person - man] Bursche (n) {m} [person - man]
man Mannsbild
man (n) [person - man] Kerl (n) {m} [person - man]
man (n) Mann (n) {m}
man (n) [person] Mann (n) {m} [person]
man (n) Mensch (n) {m}
man (n) [people] Mensch (n) {m} [people]