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ENDETranslations for by

by neben
by(o)[location] nah(o)[location]
by gemäß
by nach
by an
by(o)[dimension] auf(o)[dimension]
by bis
by(o)[time] vor(o)[time]
by(o)[travel] über(o)[travel]
by(n) bei(n)

ENDETranslations for analogy

ENDETranslations for with

with vor
with(n) bei(n)
with(o)[in the company of] bei(o)[in the company of]
with(prep)[against] gegen(prep)[against]
with(n) mit(n)
with(prep)[against] mit(prep)[against]
with(o)[at the same rate as] mit(o)[at the same rate as]
with(o)[feature] mit(o)[feature]
with(o)[general] mit(o)[general]
with(o)[in the case of] mit(o)[in the case of]