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consultation (n) Benutzung (n) {f}
consultation (n) [medicine] ärztliche Beratung (n) {f} [medicine]
consultation (n) Beratung (n) {f}
consultation (n) [act of consulting] Beratung (n) {f} [act of consulting]
consultation (n) [action] Beratung (n) {f} [action]
EN English DE German
consultation (n) [meeting] Beratung (n) {f} [meeting]
consultation (n) [opinion] Beratung (n) {f} [opinion]
consultation (n) [meeting] Kolloquium (n) {n} [meeting]
consultation (n) [meeting] Konferenz (n) {f} [meeting]
consultation (n) [act of consulting] Konsultation (n) {f} [act of consulting]
EN Synonyms for consultation DE Translations
meeting [conference] Kongreß (m)
colloquy [conference] Religionsgespräch (n)
discussion [conference] Diskussion {f}
negotiation [conference] Verhandlung {f}
talk [meeting] Gespräch {n}
parley [meeting] Unterredung {f}
congress [meeting] Zusammenkunft {f}
seminar [meeting] Seminar {n}
convention [meeting] Vereinbarung {f}
conference [meeting] Konferenz {f}
forethought [deliberation] Vorbedacht {m}
counsel [deliberation] Ratschlag {m}