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EN DE Translations for of

of (o) [general] zu (o) [general]
of an
of auf
of (o) [general] für (o) [general]
of (n) vor (n)
of (o) [time] vor (o) [time]
of über
of (o) [books] durch (o) [books]
of (o) [general] mit (o) [general]
of (n) von (n)

EN DE Translations for epidemic

epidemic (n) Epidemie (n) {f}
epidemic (n) [medicine] Epidemie (n) {f} [medicine]
epidemic (n) Seuche (n) {f}
epidemic (n) [medicine] Seuche (n) {f} [medicine]
epidemic epidemisch
epidemic (n adj) [like an epidemic] epidemisch (n adj) [like an epidemic]
epidemic seuchenartig