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EN DE Translations for decorative

decorative (a) [decoration] gemustert (a) [decoration]
decorative (a) [decoration] schmückend (a) [decoration]
decorative (a) [decoration] zierend (a) [decoration]
decorative (a) [decoration] dekorativ (a) [decoration]
decorative (adj n) [that serves to decorate] dekorativ (adj n) [that serves to decorate]
decorative (a) [decoration] verzierend (a) [decoration]
decorative ornamental

EN DE Translations for character

character Figur {f}
character Anschlag {m}
character Zeichen {n}
character (n) Zeichen (n) {n}
character (n v) [(computing) basic element in a text string] Zeichen (n v) {n} [(computing) basic element in a text string]
character (n) [person] Veranlagung (n) {f} [person]
character Stellung {f}
character Typ {m}
character Gesicht {n}
character (n) [woman] Exzentrikerin (n) {f} [woman]

EN DE Translations for fon

Fon (proper) Fon