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ENDETranslations for demon

demon Geist{m}
demon(n)[underworld] Teufel(n){m}[underworld]
demon(n)[underworld] Satan(n){m}[underworld]
demon(n) Dämon(n){m}
demon(n)[evil spirit] Dämon(n){m}[evil spirit]
demon(n)[underworld] Dämon(n){m}[underworld]
demon Hyäne{f}
demon böser Geist{m}
demon(n) Schaitan(n){m}
demon Ungeist

ENDETranslations for african

African(a) afrikanisch(a)
African(a)[general] afrikanisch(a)[general]
African Afrikaner(m)
African(n) Afrikaner(n)(m)
African(adj n)[a native of Africa] Afrikaner(adj n)[a native of Africa](m)
African(n) Afrikanerin(n)(f)
African(adj n)[a native of Africa] Afrikanerin(adj n)[a native of Africa](f)