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ENDETranslations for documentary

documentary Reportage{f}
documentary(adj n)[documentary film] Dokumentarfilm(adj n){m}[documentary film]
documentary(n)[television] Dokumentarfilm(n){m}[television]
documentary(a)[general] dokumentarisch(a)[general]
documentary Dokumentation{f}
documentary(adj n)[documentary film] Dokumentation(adj n){f}[documentary film]
documentary schriftlich
documentary zeitkritisch
documentary urkundlich
documentary(a) urkundlich(a)

ENDETranslations for film

film(n) Film(n){m}
film(n)[cinematography] Film(n){m}[cinematography]
film(n v)[photographic film] Film(n v){m}[photographic film]
film(n)[photography] Film(n){m}[photography]
film(n)[thin coating] Film(n){m}[thin coating]
film Schale{f}
film Niederschlag{m}
film(n)[thin coating] Schicht(n){f}[thin coating]
film Belag{m}(m)
film Folie{f}

ENDETranslations for debut

debut(n) Einführung(n){f}
debut(n v)[a performer's first-time performance to the public] Debüt(n v){n}[a performer's first-time performance to the public]
debut(n)[general] Debüt(n){n}[general]
  • debuted
  • debut
  • debut
  • debuted
  • debuted
  • debütiert
  • debütierst
  • debütieren
  • debütiertest
  • debütierten
  • debütiere
debut Einstand{m}
debut zum ersten Mal auftreten