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EN DE Translations for double

double (n) [cinematography - woman] Vertreterin (n) {f} [cinematography - woman]
double zwiespältig
double (a) [for two people] Doppel- (a) [for two people]
double (a) [of two parts] Doppel- (a) [of two parts]
double (n) Doppelgänger (n) {m}
double (n) [man] Doppelgänger (n) {m} [man]
double (n) [woman] Doppelgängerin (n) {f} [woman]
to double (v) [clothing]
  • doubled
  • double
  • double
  • doubled
  • doubled
doppellegen (v) [clothing]
  • doppelgelegt
  • legst doppel
  • legen doppel
  • legtest doppel
  • legten doppel
  • leg(e) doppel
double (n) doppelt (n)
double (o) [general] doppelt (o) [general]

EN DE Translations for current

EN DE Translations for transmission

transmission (n) Übertragung (n) {f}
transmission (n) [act of transmitting] Übertragung (n) {f} [act of transmitting]
transmission (n) [information] Übertragung (n) {f} [information]
transmission (n) [medicine] Übertragung (n) {f} [medicine]
transmission Sendung {f}
transmission Transfer {m}
transmission (n) Getriebe (n) {n}
transmission (n) [vehicles] Getriebe (n) {n} [vehicles]
transmission (n) [radio - television] Aussendung (n) {f} [radio - television]
transmission (n) [radio - television] Ausstrahlung (n) {f} [radio - television]