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down the stairs treppab

EN DE Translations for down

down nieder
down ausgefallen
down (o) [money] bar (o) [money]
down herunter
down (v) herunter (v)
down hinunter
down (o) [direction] am Boden (o) [direction]
down (a) [feelings] deprimiert (a) [feelings]
down (a) [feelings] entmutigt (a) [feelings]
down (n) [birds] Flaum (n) {m} [birds]

EN DE Translations for the

the (n) das (n)
the (o) [definite article] das (o) [definite article]
the dem
the den
the (n) der (n)
the (o) [definite article] der (o) [definite article]
the (n) die (n)
the (o) [definite article] die (o) [definite article]
the (n) je (n)
the (article adv) ['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] je (article adv) ['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']

EN DE Translations for stairs