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ENDETranslations for electrical

electrical(a) elektrisch(a)
electrical(a)[general] elektrisch(a)[general]
electrical(adj n)[related to electricity and electronics] elektrisch(adj n)[related to electricity and electronics]
electrical elektrischer
electrical(a) elektrischer(a)

ENDETranslations for industry

ENDETranslations for service

service Arbeit{f}
service Leistung{f}
  • serviced
  • service
  • service
  • serviced
  • serviced
  • gedeckt
  • deckst
  • decken
  • decktest
  • deckten
  • deck(e)
service(n)[convenience] Einrichtung(n){f}[convenience]
service Versorgung{f}
service(n)[public transportation] Verbindung(n){f}[public transportation]
service Betrieb{m}
service Betreiben
service Einsatz{m}
service(n) Bedienung(n){f}