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EN DE Translations for electrical

electrical (a) elektrisch (a)
electrical (a) [general] elektrisch (a) [general]
electrical (adj n) [related to electricity and electronics] elektrisch (adj n) [related to electricity and electronics]
electrical elektrischer
electrical (a) elektrischer (a)

EN DE Translations for installation

EN DE Translations for material

material Körper {m}
material (a) [information] bedeutend (a) [information]
material grundlegend
material (a) [information] erheblich (a) [information]
material (a) [information] wichtig (a) [information]
material substanziell
material (n) [facts] Daten (n) [facts]
material (n) [facts] Information (n) {f} [facts]
material (n) Material (n) {n}
material (n) [tools] Material (n) {n} [tools]