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every night allnächtlich

ENDETranslations for every

every(a)[all] alle(a)[all]
every(n) jeder(n)
every(a)[all] jeder(a)[all]
every(determiner)[all of a countable group] jeder(determiner)[all of a countable group]
every(a)[determiner] jeder(a)[determiner]
every(a)[person] jeder(a)[person]
every(a)[person] jegliche(a)[person]
every jede
every(determiner)[all of a countable group] jede(determiner)[all of a countable group]
every jedes

ENDETranslations for night

night(n) Abend(n){m}
night(n) Nacht(n){f}
night(n)[period] Nacht(n){f}[period]