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excellent (a) [outstanding] ausgezeichnet (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) [outstanding] exzellent (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) [state] klasse (a) [state]
excellent (a) [state] prima (a) [state]
excellent (a) [quality] erstklassig (a) [quality]
EN English DE German
excellent (a) [job] erstklassig (a) [job]
excellent (a) [job] außerordentlich (a) [job]
excellent (a) [job] einmalig (a) [job]
excellent (a) [job] prima (a) [job]
excellent (a) [job] super (a) [job]
excellent (a) [job] toll (a) [job]
excellent (a) [outstanding] auserlesen (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) [example] hervorragend (a) [example]
excellent [of the highest quality] großartig [of the highest quality]
excellent (a) [outstanding] außerordentlich (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) [outstanding] vortrefflich (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) [outstanding] großartig (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) [outstanding] enorm (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) [outstanding] famos (a) [outstanding]
excellent (a) hervorragend (a)
excellent (a) ausgezeichnet (a)
excellent (a) vorzüglich (a)
excellent (a) exzellent (a)
excellent [of the highest quality] ausgezeichnet [of the highest quality]
excellent [of the highest quality] hervorragend [of the highest quality]
excellent (a) [example] ausgezeichnet (a) [example]
EN Synonyms for excellent DE Translations
expert [skilful] (a) fachkundig
adroit [skilful] (a) geschickt
proficient [skilful] (a) tüchtig
masterly [skilful] (a) meisterhaft
higher [greater] (a) höher
choice [best] (n) Wahl {f}
over [greater] (o) vorbei
optimum [best] (a) optimal
old [selected] (a) alt
vintage [selected] (n) Weinlese {f}
honourable [meritorious] (a) honorig
deserving [meritorious] (a) würdig
creditable [meritorious] (a) beachtenswert
agreeable [characteristic] (a) angenehm
inviting [characteristic] (a) einladend
nice [characteristic] (a) angenehm
ideal [best] (a) ideal
peak [best] (n) Spitze {f}
select [best] (a) exklusiv
maximum [best] (n) Maximum {n}