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EN DE Translations for exponential

exponential (a) [general] Exponential- (a) [general]
exponential exponentiell
exponential (a) exponentiell (a)
exponential (adj n) [expressed in terms of a power or e] exponentiell (adj n) [expressed in terms of a power or e]
exponential Exponential...
exponential exponenziell

EN DE Translations for horn

horn Rohr {n}
horn Ständer (m)
horn Fühler {m}
horn (a) [material] aus Horn (a) [material]
horn (n) Hupe (n) {f}
horn (n) [automobiles] Hupe (n) {f} [automobiles]
horn (n) Horn (n) {n}
horn (n) [anatomy - zoology] Horn (n) {n} [anatomy - zoology]
horn (n) [automobiles] Horn (n) {n} [automobiles]
horn (n) [material] Horn (n) {n} [material]