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ENDETranslations for extension

extension Ausbau(m)
extension(n) Ausbau(n)(m)
extension Dehnung
extension(n) Auszug(n){m}
extension Anbau{m}
extension(n) Anbau(n){m}
extension Klappe{f}
extension Ansatz{m}
extension(n) Erweiterung(n){f}
extension(n)[act of extending or the state of being extended] Erweiterung(n){f}[act of extending or the state of being extended]

ENDETranslations for piece

piece Figur{f}
piece(n) Figur(n){f}
piece(n)[bit] Stückchen(n){n}[bit]
piece(n)[material] Stückchen(n){n}[material]
piece(n) Fleck(n){m}
piece(n) Stück(n){n}
piece(n)[bit] Stück(n){n}[bit]
piece(n) Teil(n){n}
piece(n)[part] Teil(n){n}[part]
piece(n)[material] Brocken(n){m}[material]