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for +Dat.}
for +Gen.}
for darob
for(o)[time] seitdem(o)[time]
for(o)[time] seit(o)[time]
for(v) seit(v)
for aus
for um
for gegen
for bei
for über
for(o)[general] zu(o)[general]
for(o)[general] für(o)[general]
for(n) für(n)
for auf
for(o)[reason] weil doch(o)[reason]
for(o)[reason] weil(o)[reason]
for(conj prep)[because] weil(conj prep)[because]
for(v) weil(v)
for(o)[reason] wegen(o)[reason]
for(o)[reason] nämlich(o)[reason]
for(o)[reason] denn(o)[reason]
for(o)[general] denn(o)[general]
for(o)[reason] da einmal(o)[reason]
for(o)[reason] da(o)[reason]
for(conj prep)[because] da(conj prep)[because]
for als
ENSynonyms for forDETranslations
but[part of speech]csak(after a negative sentence)
neither[part of speech]se
conjunction[part of speech]kötőszó(n)
and[part of speech]mintha
although[part of speech]habár
considering[since]figyelembe véve
inasmuch as[since]mivel
supporting[in favour of]segítő
helping[in favour of]ételadag