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Gang(n v int)[a particular combination or choice of interlocking gears]{m} gear(n v int)[a particular combination or choice of interlocking gears]
Gang(n)[Technik]{m} gear(n)[Technik]
Gang(n)[Automobile]{m} gear(n)[Automobile]
Gang(n){m} gear(n)
Gang{m} passage
Gang{m} course
Gang(n)[Gastronomie]{m} course(n)[Gastronomie]
Gang{m} gang
Gang{m} passageway
Gang(n)[Haus]{m} corridor(n)[Haus]
Gang{m} corridor
Gang(n)[Raum]{m} aisle(n)[Raum]
Gang(n)[Flugzeug]{m} aisle(n)[Flugzeug]
Gang(n)[any path through obstructed space]{m} aisle(n)[any path through obstructed space]
Gang(n)[Wandern]{m} walk(n)[Wandern]
Gang(n)[Art und Weise]{m} gait(n)[Art und Weise]
Gang(n)[Wandern]{m} gait(n)[Wandern]
Gang{m} duct
Gang(n){m} duct(n)
Gang(n)[Verbindungsraum]{m} hallway(n)[Verbindungsraum]
Gang(n)[Haus]{m} hallway(n)[Haus]
Gang{m} operation
Gang{m} gangway
Gang{m} gallery
Gang{m} pace
Gang{m} stride
Gang{m} arcade
Gang{m} errand
Gang(n){m} errand(n)
Gang{m} bout
Gang{m} colonnade
Gang(n)[Wandern]{m} step(n)[Wandern]
Gang(n)[Wandern]{m} tread(n)[Wandern]
Gang(n)[Haus]{m} hall(n)[Haus]
Gang(n)[Geologie]{m} lode(n)[Geologie]
Gang{m} alleyway
Gang{m} canal
Gang(n)[manner of standing or walking]{m} carriage(n)[manner of standing or walking]
Gang{m} channel
Gang{m} journey
Gang{m} session
Gang{m} walkway
Gang{m} ambulation
Gang(n)[earthy waste substances occurring in metallic ore]{m} gangue(n)[earthy waste substances occurring in metallic ore](n)
Gang{m} strake(n v)
Gang{m} passage-way
Gang{m} way sb. walks
Gang{m} running
Gang{m} progress
Gang{m} vein
Gang{m} action
Gang{m} alley
Gang{m} drift
Gang{m} motion
Gang{m} response
Gang{m} response
Gang{m} working
Gang{m} way
Gang{m} visit
Gang{m} flight
Gang{m} functioning
Gang{m} archway
Gang{m} heat
Gang(n adj v)[any narrow channel or groove]{m} gutter(n adj v)[any narrow channel or groove]
Gang{m} dike
Gang{m} dyke
Gang{m} speed
Gang{m} tunnel
Gang{m} thread
Gang{m} fistula

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