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ENDETranslations for giant

giant(n)[size] Brocken(n){m}[size]
giant gigantisch
giant riesig
giant(n)[man] Koloss(n){m}[man]
giant(n)[size] Koloss(n){m}[size]
giant(n) Riese(n){m}
giant(n)[fairy tale - man] Riese(n){m}[fairy tale - man]
giant(n)[man] Riese(n){m}[man]
giant(n)[size] Riese(n){m}[size]
giant(n) Gigant(n){m}

ENDETranslations for cask

cask(n v)[a large barrel for the storage of liquid] Fass(n v){n}[a large barrel for the storage of liquid]
cask(n)[container] Fass(n){n}[container]
cask(n)[container] Tonne(n){f}[container]
cask Faß(n)
cask Umladebehälter