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give up one' studies (v) [schools - universities] abbrechen (v) [schools - universities]

EN DE Translations for give

give abgeben
to give (v) abhalten (v)
to give (v) ablegen (v)
to give (v) [satisfaction] beibringen (v) [satisfaction]
to give (v) [object] reichen (v) [object]
to give (v) [objects] reichen (v) [objects]
to give (v) geben (v)
to give (v) [general] geben (v) [general]
to give (v) [object] geben (v) [object]
to give (v) [present] geben (v) [present]

EN DE Translations for up

up (o) [direction] oben (o) [direction]
to up (v) [prices] erhöhen (v) [prices]
up (o) [awake] auf (o) [awake]
up (o) [position] aufrecht (o) [position]
up (o) [price] in die Höhe (o) [price]
up (o) [price] nach oben (o) [price]
up (o) [river] stromaufwärts (o) [river]
to up (v) fressen (v)
up (n) hinauf (n)

EN DE Translations for studies

studies (n) [academic field of study] Untersuchung (n) {f} [academic field of study]
studies (n) [activity] Lernen (n) {n} [activity]
studies (n) Studium (n) {n}
studies (n) [activity] Studium (n) {n} [activity]