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ENDETranslations for he

he der
he er
he(o)[pers. pron. - subject] er(o)[pers. pron. - subject]
he Er
he er (seiner
he ihn)

ENDETranslations for girl

girl Gehilfin{f}
girl Braut{f}
girl(n) Braut(n){f}
girl Fräulein{n}
girl(n)[love - woman] Freundin(n){f}[love - woman]
girl(n) Mädchen(n){n}
girl(n)[general] Mädchen(n){n}[general]
girl Mädel{n}
girl(n) Mädel(n){n}
girl Perle{f}

ENDETranslations for with

with vor
with(n) bei(n)
with(o)[in the company of] bei(o)[in the company of]
with(prep)[against] gegen(prep)[against]
with(n) mit(n)
with(prep)[against] mit(prep)[against]
with(o)[at the same rate as] mit(o)[at the same rate as]
with(o)[feature] mit(o)[feature]
with(o)[general] mit(o)[general]
with(o)[in the case of] mit(o)[in the case of]

ENDETranslations for the

the(n) das(n)
the(o)[definite article] das(o)[definite article]
the dem
the den
the(n) der(n)
the(o)[definite article] der(o)[definite article]
the(n) die(n)
the(o)[definite article] die(o)[definite article]
the(n) je(n)
the(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] je(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']

ENDETranslations for red

red(a) rot(a)
red(a)[color] rot(a)[color]
red(a)[hair] rot(a)[hair]
red rotglühend
red überhitzt
red Rot{n}
red(n) Rot(n){n}

ENDETranslations for hair

hair(n) Haar(n){n}
hair(n)[body] Haar(n){n}[body]
hair(n)[general] Haar(n){n}[general]
hair Haarwuchs{m}
hair Haare(pl.)
hair Behaarung{f}
hair(n) Behaarung(n){f}
hair Haarkleid