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DEENTranslations for im

im(v)[Zeitspanne] in the(v)[Zeitspanne]
im in the
im(adv)[in bed, or on the bed] abed(adv)[in bed, or on the bed]
im(n)[the residential part of a city] uptown(n)[the residential part of a city]

DEENTranslations for darm

Darm(n)[Anatomie]{m} intestine(n)[Anatomie]
Darm(n)[Anatomie]{m} bowel(n)[Anatomie]
Darm(n)[Anatomie]{m} gut(n)[Anatomie]
Darm(n)[Anatomie]{m} intestinal canal(n)[Anatomie]
Darm(n)[Anatomie]{m} intestinal tract(n)[Anatomie]
Darm(n)[Anatomie]{m} intestinal tube(n)[Anatomie]
Darm{m} bowels
Darm{m} guts
Darm{m} skin
Darm{m} casing

DEENTranslations for liegend