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ENDETranslations for in

in an
in auf
in(n) auf(n)
in(v) in(v)
in(o)[preposition] in(o)[preposition]
in(o)[proximity] in(o)[proximity]
in über
in(o)[proximity] bei(o)[proximity]
in(a) ein-(a)
in herein

ENDETranslations for agreement

agreement(n) Abmachung(n){f}
agreement(n)[general] Abmachung(n){f}[general]
agreement(n)[negotiation] Abmachung(n){f}[negotiation]
agreement(n) Übereinstimmung(n){f}
agreement(n)[congruity] Übereinstimmung(n){f}[congruity]
agreement(n)[general] Übereinstimmung(n){f}[general]
agreement(n)[congruity] Einklang(n){m}[congruity]
agreement(n) Einwilligung(n){f}
agreement(n)[consent] Einwilligung(n){f}[consent]
agreement(n)[consent] Erlaubnis(n){f}[consent]

ENDETranslations for with

with vor
with(n) bei(n)
with(o)[in the company of] bei(o)[in the company of]
with(prep)[against] gegen(prep)[against]
with(n) mit(n)
with(prep)[against] mit(prep)[against]
with(o)[at the same rate as] mit(o)[at the same rate as]
with(o)[feature] mit(o)[feature]
with(o)[general] mit(o)[general]
with(o)[in the case of] mit(o)[in the case of]
ENSynonyms for in agreement withDETranslations
in accord with[in line with]übereinstimmend mit
harmonious[in line with]einträchtig
consonant[in line with]Konsonante, Konsonant; Mitlaut
fit[in line with]passend