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ENDETranslations for in

in an
in auf
in(n) auf(n)
in(v) in(v)
in(o)[preposition] in(o)[preposition]
in(o)[proximity] in(o)[proximity]
in über
in(o)[proximity] bei(o)[proximity]
in(a) ein-(a)
in herein

ENDETranslations for making

ENDETranslations for these

these(a)[indicative determiner - pl.] diese(a)[indicative determiner - pl.]
these(o)[indicative pronoun - pl.] diese(o)[indicative pronoun - pl.]
these(o)[indicative pronoun - pl.] die(o)[indicative pronoun - pl.]

ENDETranslations for promises

ENDETranslations for the

the(n) das(n)
the(o)[definite article] das(o)[definite article]
the dem
the den
the(n) der(n)
the(o)[definite article] der(o)[definite article]
the(n) die(n)
the(o)[definite article] die(o)[definite article]
the(n) je(n)
the(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] je(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']

ENDETranslations for company

company(n)[guests] Besuch(n){m}[guests]
company(n) Gesellschaft(n){f}
company(n)[business company] Gesellschaft(n){f}[business company]
company(n v)[companionship] Gesellschaft(n v){f}[companionship]
company(n)[general] Gesellschaft(n){f}[general]
company(n)[guests] Gesellschaft(n){f}[guests]
company(n) Betrieb(n){m}
company(n)[business company] Betrieb(n){m}[business company]
company(n) Konzern(n){m}
company(n) Werk(n){n}

ENDETranslations for has

ENDETranslations for clearly

clearly(o)[certainty] deutlich(o)[certainty]
clearly(o)[distinctly] deutlich(o)[distinctly]
clearly(o)[think - see] klar(o)[think - see]
clearly(o)[certainty] offensichtlich(o)[certainty]
clearly(o)[distinctly] offensichtlich(o)[distinctly]
clearly verständlich
clearly zweifellos
clearly(o)[explicitly] ausdrücklich(o)[explicitly]
clearly(o)[explicitly] explizit(o)[explicitly]
clearly(o)[explicitly] nachdrücklich(o)[explicitly]

ENDETranslations for overreached

ENDETranslations for itself

itself(o)[reflexive pron. - stressed - feminine] selbst(o)[reflexive pron. - stressed - feminine]
itself(o)[reflexive pron. - stressed - masculine] selbst(o)[reflexive pron. - stressed - masculine]
itself(n) sich(n)
itself(o)[reflexive pron. - sg.] sich(o)[reflexive pron. - sg.]
itself sich selbst
itself(o)[reflexive pron. - sg.] sich selbst(o)[reflexive pron. - sg.]
itself selbst (sich)