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ENDETranslations for inside

inside(o)[preposition] in(o)[preposition]
inside(n) drinnen(n)
inside(o)[adverb] drinnen(o)[adverb]
inside(o)[building] drinnen(o)[building]
inside(a) innerhalb(a)
inside(o)[preposition] innerhalb(o)[preposition]
inside(v) innen(v)
inside(o) innen(o)
inside(o)[place] innen(o)[place]
inside(o)[direction] nach drinnen(o)[direction]

ENDETranslations for salesman

salesman(n) Vertreter(n){m}
salesman(n) Verkäufer(n){m}
salesman(n)[man whose job it is to sell things] Verkäufer(n){m}[man whose job it is to sell things]
salesman(n)[store - man] Verkäufer(n){m}[store - man]
salesman(n) Handlungsreisender(n){m}