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ENDETranslations for it's

ENDETranslations for her

her sein
her seine
her deren
her ihr
her(o)[pers. pron. - indirect object] ihr(o)[pers. pron. - indirect object]
her(a)[poss. determiner - f. sg.] ihr(a)[poss. determiner - f. sg.]
her der ihre
her(a)[poss. determiner - f. pl.] ihre(a)[poss. determiner - f. pl.]
her(a)[poss. determiner - f. sg.] ihre(a)[poss. determiner - f. sg.]
her(n) sie(n)

ENDETranslations for time

time(n)[past] Epoche(n){f}[past]
time(int n v)[era] Zeitalter(int n v){n}[era]
time(n)[past] Zeitalter(n){n}[past]
time(n) Zeit(n){f}
time(v) Zeit(v){f}
time(n)[duration] Zeit(n){f}[duration]
time(n)[general] Zeit(n){f}[general]
time(n)[watch] Zeit(n){f}[watch]
time Frist{f}
time(n)[music] Takt(n){m}[music]

ENDETranslations for of

of(o)[general] zu(o)[general]
of an
of auf
of(o)[general] für(o)[general]
of(n) vor(n)
of(o)[time] vor(o)[time]
of über
of(o)[books] durch(o)[books]
of(o)[general] mit(o)[general]
of(n) von(n)

ENDETranslations for the

the(n) das(n)
the(o)[definite article] das(o)[definite article]
the dem
the den
the(n) der(n)
the(o)[definite article] der(o)[definite article]
the(n) die(n)
the(o)[definite article] die(o)[definite article]
the(n) je(n)
the(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] je(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']

ENDETranslations for month

month(n) Monat(n){m}
month(n)[period] Monat(n){m}[period]