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jump off (v) [equitation] am Stechen teilnehmen (v) [equitation]
jump off (v) [movement] herunterspringen (v) [movement]
jump off (v) [movement] hinunterspringen (v) [movement]

EN DE Translations for jump

to jump (v) springen (v)
to jump (v) [movement] springen (v) [movement]
jump (n) Absprung (n) {m}
to jump (v) [fear] aufschrecken (v) [fear]
jump (n) Sprung (n) {m}
jump (n) [movement] Sprung (n) {m} [movement]
to jump (v) [movement] hüpfen (v) [movement]

EN DE Translations for off

off (a) frei (a)
off (n) abseits (n)
off (o) [person] absent (o) [person]
off (o) [person] abwesend (o) [person]
off (o) [person] nicht anwesend (o) [person]
off (a) schlecht (a)
to off (v) abkommen (v)
off (n) ab- (n)
off (v) aus- (v)