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ENDETranslations for kassel

ENDETranslations for literary

ENDETranslations for prize

  • prized
  • prize
  • prize
  • prized
  • prized
  • geschätzt
  • schätzt
  • schätzen
  • schätztest
  • schätzten
  • schätz(e)
prize(n) Preis(n){m}
prize(n)[contest] Preis(n){m}[contest]
prize Lohn{m}
prize Gabe{f}
prize Gewinn{m}
prize(n) Gewinn(n){m}
prize Prämie{f}
prize(a)[contest] Preis-(a)[contest]
toprize(v)[value] Wert legen auf(v)[value]

ENDETranslations for for

for(o)[general] zu(o)[general]
for als
for(conj prep)[because] da(conj prep)[because]
for(o)[reason] da(o)[reason]
for(o)[reason] da einmal(o)[reason]
for(o)[general] denn(o)[general]
for(o)[reason] denn(o)[reason]
for(o)[reason] nämlich(o)[reason]
for(o)[reason] wegen(o)[reason]
for(v) weil(v)

ENDETranslations for grotesque

grotesque bizarr
grotesque(a)[appearance] drollig(a)[appearance]
grotesque(a) grotesk(a)
grotesque(a)[appearance] grotesk(a)[appearance]
grotesque(adj n)[distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous] grotesk(adj n)[distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous]
grotesque(a)[general] grotesk(a)[general]
grotesque seltsam
grotesque absurd
grotesque(a)[appearance] lächerlich(a)[appearance]
grotesque(a)[appearance] komisch(a)[appearance]

ENDETranslations for humor

humor(n) Humor(n){m}
humor(n)[character] Humor(n){m}[character]