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ENDETranslations for little

little(a)[size] kurz(a)[size]
little(o)[modifier] geringfügig(o)[modifier]
little gering
little(a) klein(a)
little(a)[general] klein(a)[general]
little schwerlich
little(a)[size] kompakt(a)[size]
little(n) wenig(n)
little(o)[modifier] wenig(o)[modifier]
little(a)[quantity] wenig(a)[quantity]

ENDETranslations for eagle

eagle(n) Adler(n){m}
eagle(n)[ornithology] Adler(n){m}[ornithology]
eagle Aar{m}
eagle(n) Aar(n){m}
eagle Eagle{n}
eagle(n) Eagle(n){n}
eagle(n v)[a gold coin with a face value of $10.00] Zehn-Dollar-Note(n v)[a gold coin with a face value of $10.00](n v)
eagle 10 Dollar
eagle 10-Dollar-Münze
eagle 10-Dollar-Stück