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EN DE Translations for lunch

lunch (formal) Mittagessen {n}
lunch (n) (formal) Mittagessen (n) {n}
to lunch (v) [meal - noon] (formal) eine leichte Mittagsmahlzeit einnehmen (v) [meal - noon]
to lunch (v) [meal - noon] (formal)
  • lunched
  • lunch
  • lunch
  • lunched
  • lunched
lunchen (v) [meal - noon]
  • geluncht
  • lunchst
  • lunchen
  • lunchtest
  • lunchten
  • lunch(e)
lunch (formal) Essen {n}
lunch (n) [meal - noon] (formal) leichte Mittagsmahlzeit (n) {f} [meal - noon]
lunch (formal) Zmittag
lunch (n) [meal - noon] (formal) Lunch (n) {n} [meal - noon]
lunch (formal) Mittag {m}
lunch (formal) Tafel (f)

EN DE Translations for wagon