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EN DE Translations for national

national Volks-
national (n) [politics - man] Bürger (n) {m} [politics - man]
national (n) [politics - woman] Bürgerin (n) {f} [politics - woman]
national (n) Staatsbürger (n) {m}
national (n) [politics - man] Staatsbürger (n) {m} [politics - man]
national (n) Staatsbürgerin (n) {f}
national (n) [politics - woman] Staatsbürgerin (n) {f} [politics - woman]
national (a) [general] landesweit (a) [general]
national (a) national (a)
national (a) [general] national (a) [general]

EN DE Translations for competition

competition (n) [sports] Kampf (n) {m} [sports]
competition (n) Konkurrenz (n) {f}
competition (n) [action of competing] Konkurrenz (n) {f} [action of competing]
competition (n) [emulation] Konkurrenz (n) {f} [emulation]
competition (n) [general] Konkurrenz (n) {f} [general]
competition Konkurrent {m}
competition (n) Wettbewerb (n) {m}
competition (n) [emulation] Wettbewerb (n) {m} [emulation]
competition (n) [entertainment] Wettbewerb (n) {m} [entertainment]
competition (n) Wettkampf (n) {m}