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ENDETranslations for shareholder

shareholder(n)[business company - man] Aktienbesitzer(n){m}[business company - man]
shareholder(n)[business company - woman] Aktienbesitzerin(n){f}[business company - woman]
shareholder(n) Aktionär(n){m}
shareholder(n)[business company - man] Aktionär(n){m}[business company - man]
shareholder(n)[one who owns shares of stock] Aktionär(n){m}[one who owns shares of stock]
shareholder(n) Aktionärin(n){f}
shareholder(n)[business company - woman] Aktionärin(n){f}[business company - woman]
shareholder(n)[finance - woman] Aktionärin(n){f}[finance - woman]
shareholder Gesellschafter{m}
shareholder(n) Gesellschafter(n){m}