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not show up (v) [visit] abblasen (v) [visit]
not show up (v) [visit] absagen (v) [visit]
not show up (v) [visit] nicht kommen (v) [visit]

EN DE Translations for not

not (n) nicht (n)
not (o) [general] nicht (o) [general]

EN DE Translations for show

to show (v) [plan] vorstellen (v) [plan] (sich)
to show (v) [plan] vortragen (v) [plan]
to show (v) ausweisen (v)
show abzeichnen
to show (v) [feelings] sichtbar sein (v) [feelings]
to show (v) [feelings] zu sehen sein (v) [feelings]
to show (v) [opinion] Ausdruck verleihen (v) [opinion]
to show (v) [indication] aussagen (v) [indication]
to show (v) [opinion] äußern (v) [opinion]
show (n) [art] Ausstellung (n) {f} [art]

EN DE Translations for up

up (o) [direction] oben (o) [direction]
to up (v) [prices] erhöhen (v) [prices]
up (o) [awake] auf (o) [awake]
up (o) [position] aufrecht (o) [position]
up (o) [price] in die Höhe (o) [price]
up (o) [price] nach oben (o) [price]
up (o) [river] stromaufwärts (o) [river]
to up (v) fressen (v)
up (n) hinauf (n)