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ENDETranslations for on

on fort
on(o)[surface] darauf(o)[surface]
on nach
on an
on(n) an(n)
on(n) auf(n)
on(o)[preposition] auf(o)[preposition]
on in
on über
on(n) über(n)

ENDETranslations for better

better besser werden
  • bettered
  • better
  • better
  • bettered
  • bettered
  • verbessert
  • verbesserst
  • verbessern
  • verbessertest
  • verbesserten
  • verbessere
better besser
better(o)[adverb] besser(o)[adverb]
better(v n)[comparative form of the adverb ''well''] besser(v n)[comparative form of the adverb ''well'']
better(a)[general] besser(a)[general]
better lieber
better(a) lieber(a)
better Wetter{n}
better Wetterin

ENDETranslations for acquaintance

acquaintance(n) Bekannte(n){m}
acquaintance(n)[man] Bekannte(n){m}[man]
acquaintance(n)[person] Bekannte(n){m}[person]
acquaintance(n)[woman] Bekannte(n){m}[woman]
acquaintance(n)[man] bekannte Person(n){f}[man]
acquaintance(n)[woman] bekannte Person(n){f}[woman]
acquaintance(n)[people] Bekanntschaft(n){f}[people]
acquaintance(n)[familiarity] Kenntnis(n){f}[familiarity]
acquaintance(n)[information] Kenntnisse(n)[information]
acquaintance(n)[familiarity] Vertrautheit(n){f}[familiarity]