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ENDETranslations for ornamental

ornamental(a)[decoration] gemustert(a)[decoration]
ornamental(a)[decoration] schmückend(a)[decoration]
ornamental(a)[decoration] zierend(a)[decoration]
ornamental(a)[decoration] dekorativ(a)[decoration]
ornamental(a)[decoration] verzierend(a)[decoration]
ornamental Zier...
ornamental ornamental

ENDETranslations for cup

cup Schale{f}
  • cupped
  • cup
  • cup
  • cupped
  • cupped
  • umschlossen
  • umschließt
  • umschließen
  • umschlossest
  • umschlossen
  • umschließ(e)
cup Deckel{m}
cup Kopf{m}
cup Becher{m}
cup(n) Becher(n){m}
cup Pfanne{f}
cup Loch{n}
cup Glocke{f}
cup Kelch{m}

ENDETranslations for saucer

saucer Schale{f}
saucer Untersatz{m}
saucer(n)[kitchen utensils] Untertasse(n){f}[kitchen utensils]
saucer Unterteller

ENDETranslations for and

and sowie
and(a) und(a)
and(o)[conjunction] und(o)[conjunction]
and wobei
and sowohl
and u.

ENDETranslations for plate