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precision (n) [correctness] Richtigkeit (n) {f} [correctness]
precision Schärfe {f}
precision (n) [correctness] Exaktheit (n) {f} [correctness]
precision (n) Genauigkeit (n) {f}
precision (n) [correctness] Genauigkeit (n) {f} [correctness]
EN English DE German
precision (n) [judgment] Genauigkeit (n) {f} [judgment]
precision (n) Präzision (n) {f}
precision (n) [correctness] Präzision (n) {f} [correctness]
precision (n) Akkuratesse (n) {f}
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accuracy [direction] Sicherheit {f}
training [direction] Schule {f}
pointing [direction] hinweisend auf
aim [direction] Ziel {n}
closeness [accuracy] Traulichkeit
exactness [accuracy] Exaktheit {f}
faithfulness [accuracy] Glaubwürdigkeit {f}
fidelity [accuracy] Genauigkeit {f}
pretension [display of knowledge] Ambition {f}
affectation [display of knowledge] Gezier
pomposity [display of knowledge] (pej. Überladenheit
stuffiness [display of knowledge] Dumpfheit
pedantry [display of knowledge] (pej. Spitzfindigkeit
veracity [fact] (formal Wahrheit {f}
actuality [fact] Realität {f}
genuineness [fact] Ehrlichkeit {f}
reality [fact] Wirklichkeitstreue
truth [fact] Topquantenzahl
correctness [exactness] Korrektheit {f}
rightness [exactness] Richtigkeit {f}