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ENDETranslations for rodent

rodent(n) Nagetier(n){n}
rodent(n)[mammal of the order Rodentia] Nagetier(n){n}[mammal of the order Rodentia]
rodent(n)[zoology] Nagetier(n){n}[zoology]
rodent Nager{m}
rodent(n) Nager(n){m}
rodent(n)[mammal of the order Rodentia] Nager(n){m}[mammal of the order Rodentia]

ENDETranslations for corneal

ENDETranslations for ulcer

ulcer(n) Geschwür(n){n}
ulcer(n)[medicine - skin] Geschwür(n){n}[medicine - skin]
ulcer(n)[open sore] Geschwür(n){n}[open sore]
ulcer(n)[medicine - stomach] Magengeschwür(n){n}[medicine - stomach]
ulcer(n)[medicine - stomach] peptisches Ulkus(n){n}[medicine - stomach]
ulcer Schwäre
ulcer(n)[open sore] Ulcus(n)[open sore](n)
ulcer Ulkus