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ENDETranslations for seven

seven(v) sieben(v)
seven(a)[cardinal number] sieben(a)[cardinal number]
seven(n) Sieben(n){n}
seven(n)[cardinal number] Sieben(n){n}[cardinal number]
seven Siebner

ENDETranslations for guys

ENDETranslations for and

and sowie
and(a) und(a)
and(o)[conjunction] und(o)[conjunction]
and wobei
and sowohl
and u.

ENDETranslations for a

a(n) ein(n)
a(o)[indefinite article] ein(o)[indefinite article]
a(a)[indefinite determiner] ein(a)[indefinite determiner]
a(o)[indefinite article] eine(o)[indefinite article]
a(a)[indefinite determiner] eine(a)[indefinite determiner]
a(a)[indefinite determiner] irgendein(a)[indefinite determiner]
a(a)[indefinite determiner] irgendeine(a)[indefinite determiner]
a a
a(n) bat(n)
a(n) einen(n)

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