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EN DE Translations for siege

siege Sohle {f}
siege Bank {f}
siege Werkbank {f}
  • sieged
  • siege
  • siege
  • sieged
  • sieged
  • belagert
  • belagerst
  • belagern
  • belagertest
  • belagerten
  • belag(e)re
siege (n) Belagerung (n) {f}
siege (n) [military] Belagerung (n) {f} [military]
siege (n v) [military blockade of settlement] Belagerung (n v) {f} [military blockade of settlement]
siege Geiselnahme {f}
siege Sitz {m}
siege Glasschmelzofenbank

EN DE Translations for of

of (o) [general] zu (o) [general]
of an
of auf
of (o) [general] für (o) [general]
of (n) vor (n)
of (o) [time] vor (o) [time]
of über
of (o) [books] durch (o) [books]
of (o) [general] mit (o) [general]
of (n) von (n)

EN DE Translations for rhodes

Rhodes Rhodos
Rhodes (proper) [capital of the Dodecanese] Rhodos (proper) [capital of the Dodecanese]