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  • stomped
  • stomp
  • stomp
  • stomped
  • stomped
  • gestampft
  • stampfst
  • stampfen
  • stampftest
  • stampften
  • stampf(e)
stomp Bolzen {m}
EN Synonyms for stomp DE Translations
boot [action] (GB) Motorhaube
flail [action] dreschflegelartige Waffe
kick [action] Stoß {m}
pace [step on] Tempo vorgeben
step [step on] Tritt {m}
tramp [step on] Penner {m}
march [step on] Zug {m}
trudge [step on] weiterschleppen (sich)
tread [step on] Auftritt {m}
step on [tread] betreten
strike [strike out with the foot] hinschlagen
walk [strike out with the foot] Gangart (f)