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ENDETranslations for suspiciously

suspiciously verdächtig
suspiciously(adv)[In a manner suggesting suspicion] verdächtig(adv)[In a manner suggesting suspicion]
suspiciously misstrauisch
suspiciously verdächtige

ENDETranslations for offside

offside(a)[sports - soccer] abseits(a)[sports - soccer]
offside(n) Abseits(n)
offside(o)[sports] Abseits(o)[sports]
offside rechte Seite{f}
offside Abseitsstellung

ENDETranslations for goal

goal(n) Ziel(n){n}
goal(n)[objective] Ziel(n){n}[objective]
goal(n)[objective] Absicht(n){f}[objective]
goal Zielsetzung(f)
goal(n) Tor(n){m}
goal(n)[(sport) act of placing the object into the goal] Tor(n){m}[(sport) act of placing the object into the goal]
goal(n)[sports - soccer] Tor(n){m}[sports - soccer]
goal(n)[sports - soccer] Treffer(n){m}[sports - soccer]
goal Kasten{m}
goal Korb{m}